Volunteer at KFAI

KFAI is a volunteer-driven, community-based radio station. If you are interested in broadcast journalism, music, community affairs, or just want to get more involved in the Twin Cities, you are welcome to join KFAI as a volunteer.

The links below will give you more information about the different ways in which people volunteer for KFAI. From producing on-air content, to maintaining KFAI.org, to extending the station's reach into communities...volunteers drive the activities of KFAI community radio. Find out more through the information below.



Prospective Volunteers

  • Read complete information about becoming a volunteer, including a list of open positions.

  • Are you interested in programming your own one-hour show? Fill out an application for KFAI's community access program, the Wave Project:

  •      Wave Project application, pdf

  •      Wave Project application, electronic form


Volunteer Resources

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