Turtle Island: Voices Rising 2015 Is Now in the KFAI Archive

KFAI celebrated American Indian Month in Minnesota with its third edition of Turtle Island Voices Rising – 24 hours of Indigenous/Native American programming.
All the programs are now available for listening online, here at KFAI.org.
Here’s the rundown of the 24 hours of programming, produced by KFAI volunteers and First Person Radio hosts Laura Waterman Wittstock and Roy Taylor.
Midnight-3 am Charlie Thayer will be on board to bring you his new selections in music.
3-6 am Roy Taylor brings you his special mix of music, musings, and news.
6-8 am Roy Taylor continues with part 2 of his specially selected blend of music and talk.
8-9 am Lydia Howell brings Catalyst to Turtle Island with special interviews from her archive.
9-10 am Truth To Tell presents a special Indian edition of this public affairs program.
10 am-11   Laura Waterman Wittstock,  Roy Taylor and Alfred Walking Bull present a special edition of First Person Radio. Guests include Elaine Salinas from MIGIZI Communications, and some surprises. Listen for a mix of public affairs and news of the day.
11 am-Noon   Laura, Roy and Alfred continue with Part 2 of a special edition of First Person Radio.
Noon-1 pm  R. Vincent Moniz will be on board to talk about poetry slams and you will hear his spoken word as only he can deliver it.
1-3 pm Deanna Standing Cloud will have guests Lannesse Baker and Charlie Thayer on her segment to talk about Indian language, youth activities in the Twin Cities, and will feature youth leaders Sierra Villebrun, Breanna Green, and Abel Martinez.
3-4 pm Native speakers of Ojibwe and Dakota will be here to treat listeners to the languages of Minnesota’s Nations.
4-5 pm John Kane, Mohawk, will call in from New York City to talk about the “rolling bombs” — those black rail cars full of petroleum you see rolling through town.
5-6 pm Marian Douglas will call in from Washington, D.C. joined by Dr. Roxanne Ortiz to discuss Chapter 18 of Democracy in America: Alexis de Tocqueville’s observations of Native Nations and Africans in America in the 19th Century.
6-7 pm Alfred Walking Bull and Laura Waterman Wittstock bring an hour of the celebrated hand drum group the Black Lodge Singers. Special songs for the Memorial Day observance will be included.
7-8 pm Rhianna Yazzie will talk about her plays, a new work, and the world of Native theatre. She is the founder and artistic director of New Native Theatre.
8-10 pm Miguel Vargas brings you a special edition of Radio Pocho: reclaiming roots thru musica, brings from the classic to new music from indigenous artists of Turtle Island, north and south.
10 pm-midnight Roy Taylor is back to cap off the day with a collection of interviews, storytelling, and gems from the vaults of KFAI and Indian Country.
Like all programming on KFAI, these programs will all be archived for convenient on-demand listening


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