Show Your B-Side Pride

Show Your B-Side Pride

When it  comes to music, there are two kinds of people in this world.  There are those whose entire musical collection is determined by culture gatekeepers.  Just about the only music they listen to and about the only artists they are familiar with are those that are played on commercial radio, listed in the pop charts, awarded at the Grammys, winners of a TV contest or recommended by the music aggregators online.

Then there are the other folks.  These people are a little more explorative. These people bypass the culture gatekeepers and explore other musical genres and artists on their own.   These are the people who visit used records stores, cruise YouTube, check out the public library and listen to radio stations like KFAI. These are people who are equally as willing to listen to the B-side of a record as they are the A-side.  One might even refer to these kind of people as “B-Siders.”

It is important to note that us B-siders are a very tiny minority.  A vast majority of people are perfectly willing to let the culture gatekeepers spoon feed them music.  That’s why it is so important for us B-siders to stick together and support one another.

You can show your B-side pride this summer during the upcoming Summer Pledge Drive for KFAI.  Let’s all put our money where our ears are and keep B-side music from having to go on life support.

KFAI Summer Pledge Drive — July 31 to August 6, 2019.  Donate securely online at

And if you like B-Side Music, continue to listen to KFAI and, in particular, check out the web-exclusive show, The Fun Time Music Festival.