Remember The “Now Wave Sampler?”

Remember The “Now Wave Sampler?”

It was 1979.  Devo, The B-52’s and The Talking Heads had been on Saturday Night Live and blew everyone away prompting the popularity of New Wave music.  There was not just New Wave back then, there was No Wave and also Now Wave (what the difference was, I don’t know).  Wanting to take advantage of this new style of music, Capital Records sent out the “Now Wave Sampler” to all the records stores.  The Sampler was a .45 rpm record with four songs by alleged Now Wave artists.  It was free for record store patrons to take home with them.  Pretty much everyone I knew grabbed one.  Nothing became of these artists.  They faded almost as soon as the Now Wave Sampler was printed.

If you’re curious to know more, the old blog post linked to below covers the Now Wave Sampler phenomenon pretty thoroughly.

The song, “Take Me To Your Leader” by the Sinceros is missing from this blog post.  However, if you tune into the new episode of the Fun Time Music Festival, you just might hear it (wink, wink).


05/09/2019 Fun Time Music Festival

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