Recent shows missing archives? Here’s why.

Recent shows missing archives? Here’s why.

A recent and persistent error in KFAI’s streaming and archiving system has begun to plauge shows that aren’t airing overnight. Over the past year or so, we’ve had some instances of the computer that controls our webstream spontaneously resetting itself at the most inopportune times – usually very early Saturday morning – which has resulted in archives of Shadow Planet, Roar of the Underground, A Great Blend of Watercolors and others to go unrecorded.

This frustrating situation, which we thought we had under control with the help of our IT friends at Technology By Design, has recently reared its ugly head again – this time, it was early Monday morning and afternoon. This has resulted in The New Jack SwingBeat ReVue, Sonic Pleasure, Bop Street and other programs suffering the same disappering fate. Unfortunately, these are unrecoverable.

There are plans to upgrade this machine in the future and introduce some redundancy to the process, but it’s not an easy or inexpensive process. This means, until we figure out why it’s happening, it will probably happen again. Since this is the primary way a lot of you listen to us, we’re doing as much as we can to make sure this doesn’t happen. We don’t like it any more than you do.



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