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Dan Hendrickson and Lee Gutkind

Write On! Radio – Brian Freeman + Liz and Annie

What do 90.3 KFAI and the Jason Bourne thrillers have in common? Minnesota, now that NYT-Bestselling suspense author (and Minnesotan) Brian Freeman is the official successor to Robert Ludlum in penning the Bourne saga. Longtime KFAI host Ian Graham Leask catches up with Freeman live on air, and the pair discuss keeping the Bourne saga going with a spectrum of *thrilling* projects, the trajectory of Freeman's career, connecting widely with readers over COVID-era virtual events, and more.  In the second half of the hour, Annie and Liz take a guest's no-show as a serendipitous opportunity to catch up about their creative endeavors, including Liz's soon-to-launch Broadway history podcast and the beginning of musicals about social issues, Annie's renewed proliferation of book review drafts (and refusal to write a slam review), how a WO!R show gets made, reading unpublished memoirs, and the value of creating a consistent personal writing schedule. 

Write-on! Radio – The Novelist Thomas Peacock and Juan Munoz

Write On! Radio – Susannah Drissi and Brian Satrom

Write On! Radio interviews local, national and international authors as well as editors, playwrights, poets and more. We’re interested in all things literary, from spoken word performances to readings by writers to just plain well-written works of art.

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11/17/2020 Write On! Radio
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11/10/2020 Write On! Radio
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