Transatlantic Mixtape Of Your Mind

DJs: Colin Robinson

Europe, Rock, Web Exclusive


The Transatlantic Mixtape Of Your Mind: Every week, Host Colin Robinson of Liverpool, England gives listeners a 60-minute, contemporary version of the old-fashioned mixtape.

For many people, the mixtape was a symbolic display of affection via a collection of songs chosen for their special meanings. Recreating this fondly remembered tradition, Colin presents a selection of linked music and stories from his life. Prompted by his cues, listeners think of the keyword connecting these tunes. Near the end of each mixtape, Colin reveals this keyword and shares bonus tracks.

New episodes of this KFAI Web-exclusive music program are uploaded on Sundays.

COLIN ROBINSON is a Senior Lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University. He has lived and breathed Radio since he was 10 years old! Colin discovered KFAI because of a song played by Ron Gerber, host of Crap From The Past. (Contact Colin at colinmixtapes@gmail.com.)

LIBBY DONOHUE, the first producer (2014-2015) for The Transatlantic Mixtape Of Your Mind, began her relationship with KFAI during a road trip in the ’90s when she tuned her car’s radio to 90.3 FM. Soon thereafter she moved to the Twin Cities, started volunteering at the station, and became certified as a sound engineer.

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You’re welcome to submit requests, playlists, and theme challenges for consideration. Pump the buzz and post a photo of your boombox, along with an anecdote. Thanks!