Sounds Unexpected

DJs: Morgan Schoonover

Experimental, Podcasts, Web Exclusive



Sounds Unexpected: Composing for Improvisation

Welcome to Season 2 of Sounds Unexpected! Our first episode features Margaux N. Simmons and Kendall Perry, who have used composition to provide contained structures for improvising.

Sounds Unexpected: Time and Place

Our third episode takes a look at music inspired by the environment, featuring Tiffiny Costello, Miriam Karraker, and Christina Marie-Karr Lyon.

Sounds Unexpected – Episode 7

Sounds Unexpected – Episode 6

Sounds Unexpected – Episode 5

Sounds Unexpected – Episode 4

Sounds Unexpected – Episode 3

Sounds Unexpected is a podcast designed to expose female and non-binary artists working with sound by giving a platform to artists oppressed by gender, age or artistic styles that occur outside the gaze of the main stage.

Sounds Unexpected is not committed to any one genre of music or sound. All creative sonic explorations by female or non-binary persons are and will be considered here. Nothing is right. Nothing is wrong. Everything simply is.