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Somali Link Radio – Meet Amane Badhasso

Listen to Somali Link Radio – Meet Amane BadhassoOriginally aired April 19, 2022. Amane Badhasso is a Congressional candidate in Saint Paul, a longtime organizer in Minnesota and the DFL, and someone who has never been afraid to get involved in key economic, racial, environmental, and social justice fights. She joins Bihi on KFAI to discuss her journey from a childhood in rural Ethiopia to Kenya and the US, what she sees as some of her most pressing priorities if elected to office, realities of campaigning during Ramadan and COVID-19, and more.

Somali Link Radio – Urban Farm, Not Toxic Harm!

Listen to Somali Link Radio – Urban Farm, Not Toxic Harm!Originally aired March 15, 2022.  The East Phillips Urban Farm proposal is way more than a farm—it's a group of diverse neighbors and families coming together to stand up against environmental racism that has led to systemic pollution and toxic air that causes illness, asthma, and other painful and costly health conditions in residents. Activists and community members Dean Dovolis and Joe Vital join Bihi from East Phillips in the wake of Mayor Frey vetoing the Council's approval on the farm. Joe and Dean explain how Minneapolis leaders choosing the farm proposal over the vehicle storage facility can:
  • reconnect the community with the land
  • improve food and air quality
  • provide control and ownership to Indigenous, Black, Latinx, immigrant, and other POC communities
  • connect to other movements in the family, youth, and education spaces
and improve on other wrongs of the Arsenic Triangle. They also speak truth to power about Frey, Osman, and other local leaders' responses to the proposal, and shout out leaders who are helping.   Get involved or learn more: Follow the cause on Instagram for updates and action items Learn more on the EPNI webpage

Somali Link Radio – Lead Poisoning Prevention

Listen to Somali Link Radio – Lead Poisoning PreventionOriginally aired November 9, 2021. Bihi welcomes Rachelle Peleska from the Sustainable Resources Center on-air, and she shares information about lead poisoning and its dangers to families, as well as how to see the signs and get professional and financial help fixing it.

Somali Link Radio – Aisha Chughtai

Listen to Somali Link Radio – Aisha ChughtaiOriginally aired October 19, 2021.  Amina Ahmed fills in for Bihi today and welcomes Aisha Chughtai on air. The two discuss Aisha's campaign for City Council representing Ward 10, her values and goals, and her experience as a union organizer, as well as their shared experiences as children of immigrants and the unique community, challenges, and insights that come with it.

Somali Link Radio – East Phillips Urban Farm: What’s at Stake?

Listen to Somali Link Radio – East Phillips Urban Farm: What’s at Stake?Originally aired September 28, 2021. Residents of Minneapolis's East Phillips neighborhood join Bihi today to discuss the heated debate between those advocating for an Indoor Urban Farm instead of an equipment storage site in the neighborhood. Interviews center the stories of mothers, the Indigenous community, and local leaders and discuss ways an urban farm could create job opportunities and reduce food insecurity in the neighborhood. Want to get involved? Listen to the show and then call your councilperson (any ward) to voice your opinion.

Somali Link Radio – What to know about the Delta Variant

Listen to Somali Link Radio – What to know about the Delta VariantOriginally aired August 24, 2021. Got questions about how the Delta Variant affects your vaccine? Your masking habits? Your plans in public? Bihi does, too, and he has brought Dave Johnson from Hennepin Public Health on-air to give a Q&A to Delta variant updates. After the break, Bihi is joined by Ahmed Mussa and Fouzia from the Pillsbury United Health Fair. They talk about getting information and resources for healthcare in the Cedar-Riverside community.

Somali Link Radio – Culture Shock! with Amina and Annie

Listen to Somali Link Radio – Culture Shock! with Amina and AnnieOriginally aired August 10, 2021.  Plot twist! Amina ("Dee") and Annie, who are usually behind the scenes producing and engineering the show for Bihi, are star players today. Bihi interviews them about their new podcast, Culture Shock MN, and why they decided to make a multicultural interview podcast.

Somali Link Radio – MPLS United for Rent Control

Listen to Somali Link Radio – MPLS United for Rent ControlOriginally aired July 27, 2021. Ginger Jentzen of Minneapolis United for Rent Control joins Bihi for a conversation about the community-led and evidence-based movement for rent control and its work to promote housing affordability, guarantee rights for tenants, help unhoused neighbors find indoor homes, and more. Then, Deeqa brings out a special song for this summer of many weddings!  

Local activist Abdirizak Bihi hosts an English language show about the Somali community.  Bihi says “I started this show with KFAI Radio to help all of us come together and share culture, music, food, events, and resources, and to break down those little cultural isolations between our communities.”