LatinoAltROCK! is a multilocal/multicultural American experience in the form of a Radio Show. 

Locally rooted in Minnesota with music, news and entertainment content that spans borders, widens communities and provides an understanding of a world beyond geographical boundaries. Increasingly, more of us now define our “neighborhoods” on the basis of shared interests, relationships, experiences, perspectives and alliances. We may identify more with people who enjoy and care about the same things, than we do with people who just happen to come from the same block, or even the same country. Our goal with this show is to navigate the point of fusion between cultures, by leveraging and celebrating these shared enthusiasms and networks of interest. Our programming leans towards the Multicultural/Latino and Millennial generations. Content consists primarily of music, plus some international sports, and global news, plus current and local community events. The younger Americans, Latinos and non-Latinos, are experiencing a cultural phenomenon that is unique and lacks representational space in today’s media. We’re excited to showcase the richness of international perspectives mixed with the local music scene, because Minnesota is where we live: In the middle of a diverse musical spectrum. That puts LatinoAltROCK! in a position to make connections and build relationships with and for Latino and non-Latino audiences alike.

LatinoAltROCK! Crew includes Pablo Miranda, Raul Escobar, and Eric Silva Brenneman.
We share a rich, diverse blend of cultural and social backgrounds, skill sets, and musical tastes. Our interests run wide. Our involvement and passion gives us a unique and vast perspective of the political, social and intrinsic cultural matters surrounding this kind of programming. Our instincts are sharp. Our musical taste is impeccable. Our banter is lively. Our broadcasting chops are fierce.
RAUL was born and raised in Mexico; he’s resided in Minneapolis since 1998. Spanish is his first language and Latin Rock (Rock en Español) his second; he only speaks English so he can do Radio. Raul is in charge of all of the LatinoAltROCK! recording, mixing and production. And you can check out his Pro Tools magic on: https://soundcloud.com/latinoaltrock
PABLO was born in Uruguay and has lived in the Minnesota/Wisconsin area since 1988. He’s been involved with radio for almost 20 years, and has hosted “Shake and Bake,” “Radio Antilles goes Latino,” and “LatinoAltROCK!” as a monthly feature on “Groovin Plenty” at KFAI Community Radio. Pablo handles the creative part of LatinoAltROCK! He thinks he writes poetry, and we will leave it at that.
ERIC was born in the heartland of the U.S. and has roots in the heartland of Brazil. He grew up with the fire of Chico Science, O Rappa, RATM, 311, and everything in between; all of which has gone into his music. He has also been in Mpls since 1998 and has been a musician, music teacher, and fan of the TC scene for many years. He gets into revolutionary left-wing politics and art/music as social change, theater/film, comics and nerdy stuff, BJJ, futebol, and makes wine from his vine, fruit trees, and gardens.
We regularly bring in other LAR crew like Umar, Toby, Elizabeth, and Salvador. In addition, musicians, activists, and cool people walking by the studio may grace the mic. Tune in to find out who the guest(s) may be any given week.
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05/24/2019 Latino AltROCK!
DJs: Raul Escobar, Pablo Miranda


05/17/2019 Latino AltROCK!
DJs: Raul Escobar, Pablo Miranda



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