Music today has gotten way too serious. There are too many sanctimonious yahoos out there who think they are going to change the world with their boring music.

The Fun Time Music Festival has no statements to make, no axe to grind and no agenda to promote, except one–it is time to start having fun again!

Regardless of your skin color or ethnicity, regardless of your sexual orientation, regardless of your political affiliations, regardless of whether you are a young college student or an old hippie, we at the Fun Time Music Festival invite you to tune in. So hang up your hang ups and set your soul free with some FUN-TIME music!

We play many different genres of music but they all have one thing in common–they all have a solid downbeat. You can snap your fingers, clap your hands, tap your foot or laugh out loud.

  • Rock N Roll
  • Blues
  • Ska
  • Comedy
  • Lounge/Jazz
  • Punk Rock
  • Funk
  • and more…

Send your complaints, insults, suggestions, dedications, praise, etc.. to:  FunTimeMusicFestival@gmail.com

Since I am an old fart at play, I encourage you younger listeners to send in your suggestions of contemporary artists who might meet Fun Time Music Festival muster.

NOTE: Due to music licensing issues, archived episodes are only available for 2 weeks.