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Disability and Progress-May 19,2022-Annie Chiapetta on her book “Hope For The Tarnished.”

Annie Chiapetta, prolific author,  talks with Sam  about her latest book, "Hope For The Tarnished."

Disability and Progress- May 12, 2022-Class 39 of Partners in Policymaking

 This week, Sherie Wallace will be with us to talk about class number 39 of the Partners in Policymaking. Joining her will be three of the class participants: Arbdella Hudson,  Cassie Kallis, and Nicole Laudont.

Disability and Progress – April 21, 2022- Friends In Art

Anne Chiapetta and Peter Altschul join Sam to talk about "Friends In Art", an organization for visually impaired artists.  They also discuss their upcoming summer convention.   

Disability and Progress-April 14,2022-Living with Sight Loss

Mary Lee Turner joins Sam to talk about a seminar with Hull Foundation Learning Center called Living with Sight Loss.

Disability and Progress-April 7, 2022- Metro Transit AIRA and local events

Bre Grand, project manager of Metro Transit's transit information, will talk about the AIRA pilot period extension. And Jon Skaalen of the Minnesota Access Alliance will note upcoming accessible arts & culture events from the MNAA Calendar.

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