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Disabled and Progress-October 14, 2021- Usher Syndrome

This week, Sam talks with Trevor Turner about usher Syndrome. Trevor is a volunteer and Ush ambassador with the Usher Syndrome Coalition.  

Disability and Progress-October 7, 2021-Chris Stark on her book Carnival Lights

This week, Sam talks to Author Chris Stark, about her novel Carnival Lights, a story about two teenage Ojibwe cousins, Sher and Kris,  traveling to the big city of Minneapolis, avoiding danger, and finding their roots.      

Disability and Progress-September 30,2021-Lung Cancer

This week, Sam talks with Dr. Abbie Begnaud about Lung Cancer and treatment for it.  

Disability and Progress-September 23,2021-An Update on Alzheimer’s

This week, Dr. William Mantyh will join us, to discuss Alzheimer's, what's happening now, and how did the pandemic affect the disease.

Disability and Progress- September 16,2021- More Vaccine talk with Dr. Jill Foster

This week, Dr.Jill Foster from the University of Minnesota Medical School returns to talk more about vaccines and covid in adults, kids, and where we are at now.  Tune in to get informed! 

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