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Disability and Progress-May 13,2021-Peter Altschul

This week. Sam talks to author Peter Altschul about his new book Riding Elephants: Creating Common Ground Where Contention Rules.   

Disability and Progress-May 6, 2021-Access Press

This week Sam talks to Jane McClure, Managing Editor at Access Press, a monthly newspaper covering disability topics and issues.

Disability and Progress-April 29, 2021- A String of Stories

This week, Sam talks with author Ann Chiappetta about her new series of stories. Anne is joined by the readers of the Audible version, Graydon Schlichter and Lillian Yves.   

Disability and Progress – April 22, 2021- Blind Golf

This week, join us as we reair a show from October 15, 2020, as Sam as she talks with Curt Jones on how people with vision impairments can golf.  Also it happens that this was a pledge drive show, we always appreciate donations, but just be aware were pledge drive free!     

Disability and Progress-April 15,2021- Homes For Our Troops

This week, Sam talks with the Executive Director of Homes For Our Troops. Bill Ivey, who will be talking to us about accessible housing for vets.

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