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Datable Rebels – Dating With A Disability

Datable Rebels – How Do You Know If You’re Dating A Serial Killer

Listen to Datable Rebels – How Do You Know If You’re Dating A Serial KillerFarrah asks the tough questions with Carrie, Rebecca and Krista, hosts of the Crimejuicy Podcast. How do you know if you're dating a serial killer?

Datable Rebels – Drunken Dating Advice: Ladies’ Night

Datable Rebels – Polyamory Pt II

Listen to Datable Rebels – Polyamory Pt IIFarrah is joined by Liana Sun and Caitlin Pederson in this second episode exploring approaches to polyamory and ethical non-monogamy. How do these ladies do it?

Datable Rebels – Polyamory Pt 1

Hi, we are here to talk about the delicate art of dating, ha! What a shit storm. The complexities, frustrations, dynamics, humor, dramas, disappointments, excitement, joys, the journey of relationships. We will talk about dating and politics, religion, interracial dating, dating with a mental illness, disabilities, dating in your 40’s, dating in the me too movement, dating and social media, dating while bring an empath, polyamory, loving yourself & not accepting bad behavior, dating while doing your inner work, red flags, dating while not being discouraged and trying to remain open and hopeful, Being happy single, Ha! Please join us on this journey!