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American Indian Month 2020 – COVID-19 Response in Native Communities

Alfred Walking Bull and Melissa Olson welcome Anthony Stately, Ph.D. (Ojibwe / Oneida) & CEO of Native American Community Clinic, Kari Rabie, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Native American Community Clinic, and Angela Erdrich, MD (Ojibwe) Pediatrician with the Indian Health Board of Minneapolis to discuss how two Native American clinics are responded to the needs of Minneapolis’s urban Native American communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

American Indian Month 2020 – Art, Impact and Isolation Panel

American Indian Month 2020 – Dream of Wild Health

Host Robert Pilot discusses indigenous food soverignty with staff from the Dream of Wild Health organization.

American Indian Month 2020 – Mni Sota Fund Open House

Join Roy Taylor, Andrea Reese, Tall Paul and Bob Rice to talk about financial stability for American Indian families and communities through the Mni Sota Fund.

American Indian Month 2020 – Mike Goze/Capt. Brooke Blakely/Max Nesterak

Melissa Olson speaks with Mike Goze (CEO, American Indian Development Corporation), Capt. Brooke Blakely (Metro Transit Police Homeless Action Team) and Max Nesterak (Minnesota Reformer) regarding critical housing and transportation issues in the Twin Cities Urban Indian population.

Melissa Olson and Alfred Walking Bull discuss Census Mobilization in American Indian Communities across the state with guests:
– Jeff Matson, Center for Urban & Regional Affairs (CURA)
– Alisha Gehlert, Director of Economic Development and Planning for Red Lake Nation
– Jolene Jones, Native American Community Development Institute (NACDI)
– Andrew Virden, Director of Census Operations and Engagement in the Minnesota State Demographic Center