Abbi & Ollie's Radio Vortex

Tuesday, 2:00 am to 4:00 am

DJs: Abbi Allan, Ollie Stench

Garage Rock, Indie Rock, New Wave, Post-Punk, Power Pop, Punk, Rockabilly

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Fall into the Radio Vortex. Where will it lead? You won’t know until you get sucked in. Free-form radio with no agenda, no playlists and no rules!!!  Join Abbi and Ollie as they delve deep into their collections of punk rock and all the bastard children that sprang from the loins of the best rock and roll from the past 70 years

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In recognition  of freedom of speech protections in the First Amendment and  the FCC’s relaxed policy on late night/overnight  language, this KFAI program may include song lyrics some  listeners find objectionable.  

Listener discretion is  advised…..