Write On! Radio – Scott Gannis & Lee Gutkind

Liz talks with Lee Gutkind, author of over thirty books, including You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: The Complete Guide to Writing Creative Non-fiction and the award winning Many Sleepless Nights: The World of Organ Transplants.  In 1991 he founded the magazine “Creative Non-fiction”.  He was instrumental in creating the first MFA program at the University of Pittsburgh.   He is known as the “Godfather of Creative non-fiction”and currently is a professor and writer in residence at the school for The Future of Innovation Society at Arizona State University.

Later in the hour, Josh is joined by author Scott Gannis to discuss his new work Very Fine People. It’s Fall 2016 in flyover country and Jude Glick’s mother has just died after a long battle with cancer, leaving behind a house in foreclosure, tens of thousands in medical debt, and compounding psychological trauma. Alternating between raw emotionalism, cutting satire, and wild flights of imagination, Gannis’s brilliant debut novel builds to an unforeseen and shattering climax.

Write On! Radio – Scott Gannis & Lee Gutkind
Write On! Radio

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