Write On! Radio – Barney Scout / Nathaniel Hicklin

 Liz talks with Barney Scout Mann, author of Journeys North: The Pacific Crest Trail. Legendary trail angel, thru hiker, and former PCTA board member, Barney Scout Mann spins a compelling tale of six hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail in 2007 as they walk from Mexico to Canada.

In the last part of our show, Josh speaks with Nathaniel Hicklin about his short-story collection The Adventures of Israel St. James. Follow Israel’s never-ending journey through the 19th and 20th Centuries in this complete collection of his short fiction. He’ll be rubbing shoulders with Nikola Tesla, battling rogue Pinkerton Agents in Chicago and picnicking on the Moon.

Write On! Radio – Barney Scout / Nathaniel Hicklin
Write On! Radio

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