Write On! Radio – Barbara Freese / Pete Carlson

Dave Fettig speaks with Barbara Freese, author of Industrial-Strength Denial: Eight Stories of Corporations Defending the Indefensible, from the Slave Trade to Climate Change. She is an environmental attorney and a former Minnesota assistant attorney general. Her interest in corporate denial was sparked by cross-examining coal industry witnesses disputing the science of climate change. That earlier work led to the publication of Coal: A Human History, a New York Times Notable Book

Josh talks with Pete Carlson about his new noir thriller Ukrainian Nights. Pete Carlson was raised in the Minneapolis area, where he graduated with his BSc and MBA from the University of Minnesota. After graduation he began developing a successful career in commercial real estate. He currently resides in Denver, Colorado.  

Write On! Radio – Barbara Freese / Pete Carlson
Write On! Radio

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