Technological Retreat Mix 7

Technological Retreat Mix 7

Proceed with Caution! Episode 7 contains volatile and unstable recordings from a significant part of KFAI’s history, covering the time that we first went Station 2 Station. The first recording is from May 26th of 1986, and was my last broadcast from KFAI’s first physical home, which was in the tower of the Walker Church. The next two recordings are from June 1st, and are from my first show in our then new home on Lake Street, which was known at the time as the Butler Drug Building. The last two recordings are from November 30th.  I have no tapes from June through November except for this one.  I’m surprised to still have as many of these tapes as I do, but don’t worry kids – there’s still 1987 – 8 and 9 to listen through.

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Technological Retreat Mix 7
Technological Retreat

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