Technological Retreat Mix 4

Technological Retreat Mix 4

Welcome to the fourth episode of the Technological Retreat podcasts. Is it a cacophony or a symphony? Is it noise or nuance? Sure it is. In one of the featured mixes I talk a little about sensory overload and having to pay attention to too many things at once, which is precisely what I was trying to create or recreate with the sound collages. An interpretation or response to the week I had just had and current events of the time.

The first mix from February 17th 1986 features a long example of Sound Mobile recordings in the background. The Sound Mobile was in my basement at the time and was like a giant wind chime that you could walk through. Bicycle frames, tanks and resonant metal things hanging from the ceiling by guitar and piano strings. You could bang and clang & plunk and plink. It was a lot of fun and no one ever got hurt. I would often have TV’s and radio’s playing in the background while I knocked around in there. The second mix is from March 10th 1986 and starts with an excerpt from the Technological Retreat theme, which I will be including by itself in an eventual podcast.

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Technological Retreat Mix 4
Technological Retreat

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