Technological Retreat Mix 11

Technological Retreat Mix 11

Here is episode number 11, and like the number 11, these ones are fun. These recordings are from January 11th, 23rd, and February 22nd, 1988. The set of voices beginning the second mix belong to Graham and Steve, the hosts from “Baghead Dreams”. Later on in this episode I’m joined by my very good friend Alice Phoenix. Alice hosted and DJ’d KFAI’s first radio show focused on local, Minneapolis punk rock and all the variations thereof. It was called “New Day Rising”, after the Husker Du song, and it is such a treat to be able to hear her voice coming out of speakers again. This picture appeared in City Pages. That’s her in the center and me on the right at a Husker Du show.  RIP Alice.

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Technological Retreat Mix 11
Technological Retreat

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