S1E1: Get to Know Us!

Welcome to Matter of Fat: a body positive podcast with Midwest sensibilities! Co-hosts Cat Polivoda and Saraya Boghani highlight community voices with a lens on body size, body positivity, & fat liberation.

In the first episode (released July 2017), Cat and Saraya check in on Twin Cities events during The Fat Dish, use their first interview to share their stories as a Matter of Fat, and dive into the Dirt and Discourse.

In the Fat Dish, the gals talk about the local synchronized swimming team Subversive Sirens and how they will be participating in the Gay Games in Paris from August 4th to the 12th. Cat and Saraya also hint at the upcoming movie Fattitude.

If the Dirt and Discourse segment leaves you wanting to know more about A) Lizzo B) ModCloth and/or C) the next episode, great! Lizzo’s website is a great starting point but you can really just hop on YouTube and go to town. They suggest starting with Truth Hurts or this gem of Lizzo and Caroline Smith’s from 2014 that highlights Lake Street beautifully. If you’d like to read up on ModCloth and the foundation for our critique check out Erika W. Smith’s article from Bustle Modcloth’s Downfall Apparently had a lot to do with Fatphobia and Anna Merlan’s Jezebel article Women’s Retailer Modcloth to be Bought by Jet.com, which is Owned by WalMart and Recode’s Jason Del Ray’s ModCloth’s former CEO Matt Kaness has left Walmart just a year after the acquisition.

Many thanks to KFAI and Mason Butler for producing and supporting Matter of Fat, Allison Anne Design + Create for our logo, and Kyle Werstein for composing and producing our theme music.

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Mentioned in this episode:
Subversive Sirens www.facebook.com/The-Subversive-S…349108475437607/
Gay Games www.paris2018.com/
Fattitude the Moviehttp://fattitudethemovie.squarespace.com/about/
Lizzo www.lizzomusic.com/
Bustle article bust.com/style/19504-modcloth…phobia-downfall.html
Jezebel article jezebel.com/womens-retailer-mod…om-which-1793296461
Recode’s article www.recode.net/2018/3/22/1715237…walmart-departure

S1E1: Get to Know Us!
Matter of Fat

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