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PRAY THURSDAY!! In observance of the National Day of Prayer 2016. Ten songs all with the word “pray/prayer” in its title. “…pray continually,” 1 The 5.17

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Brenda Bell Brown sitting in for the Rose Robinson.  Many of the featured artists and music on today's show were inducted into the 2016 Blues Hall of Fame hosted by the Blues Foundation of Memphis, TN.

<p>André Watson talks about what it is like to be a blind psychologist doing counseling, and the process he took to get there.</p>


Hosts: Dixie Treichel & Torsten Peterson with Guests: Jenna Landry, Lauren Rose Skager, Mica Standing Soldier, Zoe Michael, Shalee Coleman, Hector Chavarria, Chris Stark  & Lenny Hayes


Jenna Landry, Lauren Rose Skager, Mica Standing Soldier, organizers, activists

Take Back the Night 2016, Friday May 6 , 6:00pm-10:00pm at MCTC's Outdoor Plaza  in Minneapolis

n Gilberto’s absence this program was hosted by Miguel Vargas, heart and soul of KFAI’s Radio Pocho

This show features alegrías to celebrate the joy of this spring in full bloom, and the beginning of a super-interesting and belly-laughing interview with flamenco dancer extraordinaire, Jesús Muñoz.

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featuring special guest DJ Tarik Thornton

Once again, DJ Weston East takes ATB listeners All Over The Map!