July 2016 Archives

Your friendly neighborhood Midnight Rider filled in  for Sean this week, and the Rider gets his kicks, modern and otherwise, in space! Leading off: The Sinceros, who express the sci-fi alien saucer pilot's timeless request to "Take Me To Your Leader." A three-song "invasion" set consists of works by Moon Hooch, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Scarlet Slipping. New York's The Slackers, usually a ska/reggae outfit, very capably steep their "Spaceman 3104" in a cosmic Bowie vibe, while sending ska itself into space (aboard a "Satellite") is Australia's Melbourne Ska Orchestra.

Paul Harding from Foreign Currency is sitting in for Doug this afternoon, playing music from Brazil, Congo, Colombia, Romania, Jamaica, Basque, Haiti, and more!

Pieces by Delaney Hall, Sam Greenspan, and Paolo Pietropaolo