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REMEMBRANCES of a Trio of Soul Immortals: BEN E KING, DON COVAY, and PERCY SLEDGE – along with BIRTHDAYS-IN-BLUE From the Land of the Round Haircut for ARTHUR ALEXANDER and LARRY WILLIAMS….

Tracks from a recent recording with players:

  • Ryan Behnke (pipes)
  • Iain Dove Lempke (flute, whistle)
  • Cormac O'Se (piano accordion)
  • David Rhees (fiddle)
  • Suzanne Rhees (flute)
  • Tom Schaefer (fiddle)
  • Michal Sinak (concertina, accordion)
  • Daithi Sproule (guitar)
  • Ryan Txanson (silver flute, electric piano)
  • Cara Weggler (fiddle)