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The Fourth Tower of Inverness

The conclusion of the story.  Jack lands the flying machine with Sir Henry Jowls and they have an adventure in the wilderness.  Later Jack finally figures out what it is about the Juke Box in the 4th tower that is so magical.

This is the first story of the adventures of Jack Flanders.  There are 28 stories from ZBS.org now, and one more is coming soon.  There are several excellent free audio downloads available on their website.

Special Guest is Hello Meteor (more here: https://hellometeor.bandcamp.com ) and we discuss how photography influences his music as well as the Seagull—youll have to listen to find out.  Premieres of tunes by Navigateur https://navigateurmusic.bandcamp.com and Slanger https://slanger.bandcamp.com/album/paradiso-2016

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