October 2011 Archives

  • Michelle Alimoradi at Occupy MN
  • Mark Stephens – Free Speech Attorney
  • Cyber Bullying – Kaliegh Swift, Saleta Ortiz
  • Carrie Jones, Megan Kelly Hall w/ Blake Mattson
  • Michael Copps – Federal Communications Commissioner
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*Farheen Hakeem, Green party candidate for senate district 61
*Jeff Hayden, DFL Party candidate for senate district 61
*Bruce Lundeen, Republican Party candidate for senate district 61
*Lars Negstad, Strategic campaign coordinator for ISAIAH
*Mohamed Idris, executive director of the American Relief Agency for the Horn of Africa.
*Donovan Evans reports on the life cycle of computers
*Allison Herrera visits Amen Corner, Peavey Park.

  • OccupyMN
  • Teens and Social Media
  • Ranked Choice Voting
  • Stadium Analysis with David Shultz and Marty Owings
  • Light Rail Station Art
  • Airport Noise with Karl Starr
  • Cinema Shanty on the Flyway Film Festival