December 2017 Spin with Cyn Archives

KFAI Spin with Cyn guest DJ Danny Sigelman aka Paper Sleeves returned; he and I spun favorites music of 2017, and music of a few artists who passed on this past year.

Guest DJ Miki Mosman returned to KFAI Spin with Cyn. We spun "Naughty, not Nice. Nasty!" women artists, in advance of Christmas.

Tony Oliveri, drummer of LIKEHELL, formerly of Cows and God Bullies and the Debts, joined me as my special guest, sharing favorite music and stories! LIKEHELL performs the First Show of Mortimer's on Dec. 27.


Sara Pette, engineer of Spin with Cyn – and musician with Lutheran Heat, Constant Insult and Wild Planet – hosted, with her guests Nato Coles and Mike Cranberry!