December 2016 Across The Board Archives

Once again, Across The Board presents… All Over The Map with DJ Weston East! So what was it about that El Zumbido 45 that reminded me a bit of David Bowie?  Hmmm… howzabout it was issued on Major Tom Records! That's gotta be it.  Lyrically, from a story point of view, far more remindful was Chromium's "Caribbean Air Control", found on Star To Star [Infinity],  played late into our Friday Morning Fever segment. We also heard Yapoos (ft.

San Junipero 1987
Inspired by the Black Mirror episode "San Junipero", ATB starts off with a LOT of 80s music and goes forth from there.

Enjoy, DJ SLT


Nine Inch Nails – Burning Bright (Field On Fire) 5:49 (N)
(Not The Actual Events / Null Corp)
Geodesik – The False Space 3:38 (N)
(Demo / Shinto)
Sugar For Sugar – Bizarre Love Triangle 3:51
(The Time Is Now! / Republic)
David Bowie – Loving The Alien 7:10
(Tonight / Virgin)
David Bowie – Always Crashing In The Same Car 3:33
Mick Ronson – Only After Dark 3:31
(Slaughter On 10th Ave / Snapper)
WHAM! – Careless Whisper 5:04
(TwentyFive / Epic)
George Michael – Father Figure 5:41
(TwentyFive / Epic)
John Williams – Luke & Leia 5:03
(Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi soundtrack / RSO)
John Williams – Han & Leia 4:45