February 2016 TruthToTell Archives

Grant Nichols: Friend or Foe?  Join Siobhan Kierans as she profiles one of the most contentious political figures in the Twin Cities in recent years.  Producer: Siobhan Kierans

How is Nexus Community Partners expanding the participation of minorities on Metro boards and commissions? Join Siobhan Kierans, Maleta (Queen) Kimmons, Luis Ragel, Terri Thao, Tom O'Connell & Chai Lee as they discuss Expanding Voice/Promoting Equity on TTT.  www.nexuscop.org 

Karen Branan, investigative journalist and author of "The Family Tree: A Lynching in Georgia" is the guest today on TTT. Join hosts Tom O'Connell & Siobhan Kierans to learn more about this true story and to discuss the racial dynamics of the 20th century. Producer: Tom O'Connell

What is a Caucus? How is it Different to a Primary? The Importance of Caucusing on March 1st.

Prof Tom O'Connell – Host/Producer

Siobhan Kierans – Host/Producer/Engineer


Talking about the issues of voting and caucusing with Rep Rena Moran & DFL State Chair Ken Martin.

Amanda Norman – Host/Producer

Prof Tom O'Connell – Host/Producer

Siobhan Kierans – Engineer