October 2012 Archives

Adoption rights and religious exemptions advance New Zealand equality; The 1980 TV show that sensationalized San Francisco’s “dirty laundry”; Australia’s Parliament turns down a civil marriage proposal, similar French legislation is less than equal, Jamaica’s Education chief trashes a tolerant textbook, the British producer of a pro-gay Ugandan play makes bail, and more global LGBT news

The “Mutatis Mutandis” of Nona Hendryx; Tasmania’s upper house narrowly nixes a marriage proposal, same-gender bi-national couples living in the U.S. get official deportation protection, a New York appeals court hears a lesbian widow’s “DOMA” appeal, but gays engage in “ugly behavior” (Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) & threaten “life & the family” (the Pope), plus more news

A billboarded Bachman supports Minnesota marriage rights; Ukraine moves on its own “no promo homo” bill, while Russia’s top court upholds theirs, there’s no luck for marriage equality in Northern Ireland, California’s “cure” ban sickens rightwing groups, Puerto Rican boxer Orlando Cruz KO’s the closet, and more global LGBT news; “Heather’s” Mommy remembers Matthew, & Brian Houston sings his “Ballad”

A “Brothers & Sisters” actress takes center stage as celebrity Mother; The U.S. march to equality finds Republicans flat-footed; A masked gang wreaks havoc at a Moscow gay bar, Belgrade authorities force Pride inside, France prepares to pop the question, Australia’s parliament refuses to support state marriage rights, Big Bird bashing brings its gay parentage out of the coop, and more global LGBT news

A Minnesota Hallowe’en Parade is out of step with LGBT youth; A right-wing Christian group fears bully-free U.S. schools; A Missouri preacher’s comments on LGBT rights goes viral; “DOMA” dies another day, a raped Swedish trans-woman gets justice, devastating discrimination plagues indigenous North Americans, Madonna and milk “promote” St. Petersburg paranoia, and more global LGBT news