September 2012 Archives

Trailblazer Jeanne Cordova roused the rabble “When We Were Outlaws”; There’s no room for GALZ in Zimbabwe, the Australian Capital Territory restores civil union rites, Singapore’s top court okays a sodomy law challenge, 10,000 parade with Pride in Prague but Cameroonian youth
lead a hateful parody, a Facebook protest predicts no political future for an anti-equality German MP, and more global LGBT news

Tracing the tunes and times of Romanovsky & Phillips; The Gay Games turns 30; New Zealand’s Parliament pops the question, Tasmanian lawmakers also advance marriage equality, a gay-affirming play is shuttered in Uganda, anti-gay/anti-woman planks signal dry rot in the GOP platform, Christian conservatives blame gays for Hurricane Isaac, and more news

U.S. Democrats push for LGBT equality at their National Convention; Scotland proposes marriage, Poland has a partnerships plan, right-wing
Christians “smoke out” Australian P.M. Julia Gillard, studies in Israel, the U.S. and the U.K. prove that homophobia can kill, a 9-year-old in Maine quits the Boy Scouts over its anti-gay policies, and more LGBT news from around the world

A Labour lesbian leads New Zealand’s move to marriage equality; U.S. Democrats plank down their best-ever pro-gay platform; Pro-gay Kampala play performances put their British producer in prison, an Iranian “expose” reveals a global gay conspiracy, a Texas trade school turns ugly over a gay beauty school student, Benedict’s adult film debut puts the Pope in porn, and more global LGBT news