August 2012 Archives

A celluloid activist stars in his own movie; New Zealand’s Parliament is introduced to marriage equality, Scotland’s government issues its own wedding proposal, Amazon parents fund the defense of Washington parity, Muppet-makers part with a homophobic chicken magnate’s money, coming out was Sally Ride’s final frontier, and more global LGBT news

A final history lesson from Gore Vidal; Kate Bornstein’s work in “transgress”; Vietnam considers the reality of equality, Jerusalem Pride takes back the street, the U.S. low-prioritizes same-gender partner deportations, a Connecticut case hastens DOMA’s demise, hate groups get more than chicken feed from poultry politics, and more global LGBT news

The gay lives and literary times of “Eminent Outlaws”; Queer cartoonists follow “No Straight Lines”; Registered German partners’ real rights advance, a U.S. federal judge denies marriage equality to Hawai’ian same-gender couples, courageous Ugandan activists brave police harassment to celebrate Pride, Madonna defies St. Petersburg’s “no promo homo” law, more news

Transcendent entertainer Justin Vivian Bond lives outside the boxes; Zimbabwe activists are “screened” for discussing discrimination, hackers post Pride to Ugandan government websites, Lebanese activists protest gay detainee humiliation, Canada’s top Protestant church elects mainstream Christianity’s first openly gay leader, thousands agitate for marriage equality across Australia, and more global LGBT news