July 2012 Archives

A Ugandan activist fights to “Save the Gays”; New trans books help sort things out; A well-known queen honors British-born “out” gay artist David Hockney; Beijing hosts a landmark Chinese LGBT leadership conference, Kenyan bars bar patrons who don’t “pass as straight”, Australian marriage equality depends on MP consciences, a “Buckeye” damns bi trees, more!

A story of Ugandan Pride under pressure; A Jamaican-Chinese lesbian poet-activist’s “Vanity” affair; A tour of European Pride in a “Rainbow Minute”; Tense Bulgarian Pride parades peacefully in Sofia, Santiago’s Equality March calls families out of the closet, DOMA discrimination sours Pentagon Pride, and more global LGBT news

The “Hole” story of lesbian rocker Patty Schemel’s redemption; First Daughter Mariela Castro comments on Cuba’s queer rights movement; Ukrainian lawmakers back off a “no promo homo” bill, Singaporean rights supporters get “pretty in pink,” Laos sees its first-ever Pride gathering, the U.S. D.O.J. advances challenges to “DOMA”, reactions differ to two American self-“outings”, and more LGBT news from around the world.

A pre-teen British trans-girl struggles to be she; Episcopalians pass same-gender couple rites but Presbyterians reject them, Maryland’s marriage equality faces repeal, leading Latino rights groups say “Familia es Familia”, a bi-national couple fights DOMA discrimination, a float-free WorldPride liberates London, cosmic Kameny pickets between planets, and more global LGBT news

Clerics call on Uganda to legalize love; Commentator Janet Mason revisits her hometown; “Larry Kramer Acts Up Again” in a “Rainbow Minute”; The E.U. insists on respect for LGBT rights, gay Iraqis win Dutch asylum, DOMA appeals pile up at the U.S. Supreme Court, the Boy Scouts of America stays on the straight and narrow-minded, and more LGBT news