June 2012 Archives

Obama’s “bully pulpit” prompts a shift in marriage equality support; Protesters condemn a genocidal North Carolina preacher; A gay American dad wins a landmark Colombian adoption case, Buenos Aires welcomes marriage-minded same-gender couples, another U.S. federal court overrules DOMA, violence cancels Kiev’s first Pride effort, San Diego gives a street to Harvey Milk, and more LGBT news

An indy sleeper shows how bias becomes a beast “In The Family”; The Finance Minister’s zinger scores for Aussie marriage equality; Queer youth of color talk about what to do until “It Gets Better”; Christian thugs thrash Russian rights demonstrators, a U.S. federal appeals court rules that DOMA should be dumped, Laa Laa discusses Tinky Winky’s blanky blanky, and more global LGBT news

Lea DeLaria: all jazzed up and everywhere to go; The Ninth Circuit stands pat on Proposition 8; This year’s Mr. Gay World contest is recapped in a “Rainbow Minute”; Denmark weds civil marriage equality to religious rites, “DOMA” dies again in U.S. federal court, Moscow bans Pride for a century, Mormon allies build bridges to Salt Lake Pride, and more global LGBT news

How a Denver revolution spawned a rights-affirming high court ruling; Probing Jim Cory’s poetic “No Brainer Variations”; The U.S. Defense Secretary salutes proud gay & lesbian servicemembers; An Ethiopian conference plans to “bury” homosexuality, a gay/trans activist is butchered in South Africa, Anglican and Roman Catholic bishops oppose UK marriage equality, and more global LGBT news