May 2012 Archives

A prominent think tank measures LGBT political power; North Carolinians get an earful on marriage equality; U.S. trans workers win rights under sex discrimination rules, DADT-discharged vets are drowning in paperwork, civil unions take a step down the Colorado Senate aisle, marriage equality foes team up for the Maine event, pop star Anthony Wong comes out “tongzhi”, more news

Charting a journey that started in harmony and led to unity ‘Twas a short stay for “Romney’s gay”; Kenya’s governmental human rights agency wants to legalize gay sex, Russian opponents of laws banning “gay propaganda” are busted in St. Petersburg, Methodists remain United against “incompatible” homosexuals, hetero kissing is nixed in a Copenhagen gay bar, more!

Obama’s “evolution” proves survival of the fairest; Tarheels stomp on unmarried North Carolinians, a new Socialist president pledges French family equality, Colombia’s top court passes a priest’s pension to his surviving gay partner, Chile enacts an anti-bias law after a high-profile bashing murder, a fired lesbian den mother questions Scouts’ honor, and more global LGBT news

Harvey Milk’s mantle-bearer Cleve Jones mentors modern militants; Malawi’s new president calls for sodomy law repeal, the world rises up against homo- and trans-phobia for a day, Indonesia aborts Gaga’s “Born This Way” concert, the Knesset blocks civil marriage for mixed and matched Israelis, Colorado Republican committee chicanery kills a civil unions bill, and more global LGBT news