April 2012 Archives

Ugandan activists sue a U.S. missionary for anti-gay persecution; U.S. feds “school” Minnesota educators on bullying; The Nazis burn a German gay pioneer’s library in a “Rainbow Minute”; A Chilean lesbian mom’s custody win is an Inter-American Court first, the Euro-Court rejects co-parenting & marriage equality, New Hampshire lawmakers defeat a marriage equality repeal bill, and more LGBT news

Multiple U.S. marriage cases close in on DOMA; Celebrating Mexico City civil unions in a “Rainbow Minute”, and an iconic lesbian-feminist poet who made the world a Richer place, A hate group threatens the liberty of LGBT Liberians, activists are attacked for “gay speak” in Yaounde and St. Petersberg, Malaysia pushes TV back in the closet, Chile finally bans anti-LGBT bias, and more news

America’s Human Rights Campaign doles out honors and draws outcries;
Russian lawmakers catch “no promo homo” contagion, a Serbian “death to gays” inciter goes to jail, Albania’s P.M. defends parade rights,
second-parent adoptions are rejected in Slovenia, the torture death of a young gay Chilean prompts national soul-searching, same-gender
couples illegally marry en masse on two continents, and more LGBT news

A Silver Lake ceremony marks the “Hay Day” of the movement; Gambia goes after gays and lesbians, a drunken Dubai dalliance draws stiff jail time, Budapest cops and Hungarian lawmakers want to silence
LGBT people, Russia’s delegation decries a G8 rights declaration,
studies show homophobes doth protest too much, a “reparative therapy” supporter repudiates his research, and more global LGBT news

An updated memoir recalls a 1950s L.A. “Gay Bar”; There’s Democratic “platformance anxiety” over marriage equality; Museveni denies Uganda’s deadly discrimination; A Budapest court prefers Pride to police, “gays and tom-boys” are barred from Saudi schools, but Israel’s Conservative Jews okay lesbian and gay rabbinical students, and more global LGBT news