March 2012 Archives

Out and Off-Off-Broadway with venerable playwright Robert Patrick;
Marriage equality becomes the law of Mary-land, Maine advocates push to
restore theirs at the ballot box, another U.S. federal court disses
DOMA, registered Queensland couples get recognized, marriage equality
is on the menu for Australia’s P.M., India’s government does damage
control after its legal mouthpiece messes up, and more LGBT news

The UN Secretary-General blesses an anti-violence conference;
Maryland’s Governor charts the future of marriage equality; Ellen speaks from her “Bully” pulpit; LGBT voices “Want To Know What It’s Like” to be in a hate-free world; Iraqi militia target LGBT youth for death, Roman Catholic anti-equality crusades continue, and more LGBT news from around the world

A veteran activist takes on “Gay, Incorporated”, and looks beyond the “Gay Agenda”; LGBT advocacy becomes illegal in St. Petersburg, Ugandan activists sue an “inflammatory” American missionary, Clementi’s webcam snoop is convicted of hateful privacy invasion,
Tennessee hushes its “Don’t Say Gay” bill, Denmark plans June same-gender weddings, an ice cream appellation honors Britain’s marriage proposal, and more global LGBT news.