February 2012 Archives

Novelist Michael Cunningham discusses creativity “Before Nightfall”;
The Euro-Parliament gets “Bothered” about LGBT rights, Australia lifts its roadblock to overseas marriages, Ecuador cracks down on “cure” clinics, a trans-woman takes office in Bogota, U.S. marriage equality advances in Washington, Maryland and Maine, and more global news; plus a profile of trailblazing British gay advocate Edward Carpenter.

A “cyber-preneur” dots the gays; A Lakota lesbian lassos a seat in the Minnesota legislature; U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon blasts African bias and brutality, South African lesbian killers draw heavy sentences, marriage equality advances in Washington and New Jersey, plus more global news; and pioneering U.S. lesbians rise to power in a “Rainbow Minute”

A U.S. appeals court concludes that the Constitution can’t Prop up 8; Marriage equality crosses the threshold in the state of Washington, a St. Petersburg bill would outlaw LGBT advocacy, Britain jails Muslim anti-gay hate leafleters, the EuroCourt rejects Swedish homophobes’free speech claims, while Northern Cyprus’ sex law conflict becomes the latest Euro rights case, and more global LGBT news

Governor Gregoire gives Washington a great wedding gift;
India’s religious fundamentalists appeal a landmark rights ruling;
Islamic U.N. countries decline to discuss sexual minorities, African
nations intensify LGBT repression, Australian parliamentarians
circulate marriage equality proposals, and more global LGBT news;
and a hit U.K. song assures LGBT youth that “It Does Get Better”!