January 2012 Archives

With copious clips and comments by many of their makers, our award-winning entertainment reporter Steve Pride offers his annual picks of the best LGBT-inclusive TV shows and motion pictures
of the past 12 months with his PRIDE ON SCREEN 2011

Something Wiki this way comes: the case against Pvt. Bradley Manning; Jamaica’s new P.M. calls for sodomy law review, lesbian and gay couples plan their Cancun weddings as Hungary constitutionally bans them, a gay Malaysian national’s Irish civil partnership sparks outrage in his homeland, a pioneering sodomite passes away, Washington’s governor proposes marriage equality, and more global LGBT news

His outspoken support for LGBT rights cost the Reverend Jimmy Creech his ordination in the United Methodist Church, but his ministry for justice is never-ending. His eye-opening analysis explains what made the Christian hierarchy so afraid of sex.

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A cross section of complex characters Sundance into movie theaters; The pioneering Tim Miller discusses performance politics; Blues innovator Ma Rainey is remembered in a Rainbow Minute; A Canadian Justice Department lawyer sparks foreign weddings panic, marriage equality is proposed in the U.S. state of Washington, Malaysia’s Anwar beats sodomy charges again, and more global LGBT news

Slave traffickers trick Kenyan gay men into the Persian Gulf sex trade; Cuba considers civil unions, a gay Aussie MP plans Spanish nuptials, two U.S. states consider constitutional marriage bans, a U.K. court convicts hate leaflet distributors, and more global LGBT news; World War II code-breaker Alan Turing is stamped in a “Rainbow Minute”; and our literary commentator finds something new in the tried and true.