December 2011 Archives

Information, insight and inspiration about LGBT struggles around the
world from Kenyan-born equality advocate Larry Misedah and
International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission Executive
Director Cary Alan Johnson

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The boys in the documentary recall a cultural classic;
The rarely-retiring U.S. Congressman Barney Frank says he’s retiring; Australia’s Labor Party favors marriage equality with an escape clause, Queensland creates civil unions, a bill to criminalize same-gender weddings and LGBT advocacy clears Nigeria’s Senate, Cameroon jails 3 more gay men, Spain’s queer couples race to the altar, and more news

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton makes U.N. history; There’s no waffling in Belgium over the world’s first openly gay Prime
Minister, Australia claims the Western world’s first intersex public
official, the U.S. Ninth Circuit hears even more about Prop 8, a
Honolulu lesbian couple sues for marriage equality, a rights vote looms in Anchorage, Riverdale’s Kevin Keller gets hitched, and more LGBT news

Becoming Santa makes the yuletide gay and the truth about Mrs. Claus; News of the out in 2011; The U.N. documents LGBT human wrongs, Malawi reviews its sodomy statutes, lesbian Australian Finance Minister Penny Wong is a new mom, Philippines activists carol their Catholic Bishops, some kids in Michigan can again don their gay apparel, and more news