July 2016 Wave Project Archives

Colin, Clay, Sam, TJ and Ruthe K Shared a bit of the Tales and a lot of the Talent around Blues U this show!


"Her Time" was presented on the air this Sunday morning, bringing the voices of Annette and Brittany to the airwaves, tackling the first of many possible topics affecting women each day. Today they spoke of "body shaming." What is it? What can you do if you engage in it? What can you do to prevent its ill effects? Brittany shared her personal story with the effects of internalized body shaming. Annette talked about tactics to try if other women are bonding over shaming themselves or other women. The hour went quickly and left room for more conversation.

Becky Garrett Brings Music of Thought and Healing – All Genres

Really great music spanning decades across genres inspired us to grieve together the events of the preceding week. Check the playlist for the collection Becky pulled together.


Futbol Fans United!

Armando and John (also known as Tiki and Taka) presented a high-energy program with news and event information about soccer in the Twin Cities.