November 2012 Wave Project Archives

Graduation Party

Members of the KFAI Saturday Control Board Certification class hosted and engineered their first radio show on the Wave Project. They had concluded their studies and completed their examinations only the day before!

Promoter and impresario Rico Morales presented and ran audio for the Walker Church Band, live in-studio, who played several songs with timely themes. Rico’s classmate Cher Dial interviewed band members about recollections of the old Walker Church and a young KFAI that started in the bell tower.
Band members included:
Steve Sandberg of The Brass Messengers and Southside Aces.
David West of Store Bought Hair.
Jim Feldman and Howard Kranz of The Kranz/Feldman Duo.

Interviewer and music blogger Cher Dial offered prerecorded interviews she conducted with music personalities plus talked by telephone with Patricia Nelson, co-instructor for the class, about training programs at KFAI, the relevance of community radio and on being a volunteer.

Music lovers and DJs Lawrence Sheldon and Douglas Solomon rounded out the Wave Project with some of their favorite music. Lawrence proved that KFAI is “Radio Without Boundaries” by even providing current conditions and the weather forecast for Winona, MN, for his family members there!

Congratulations to the most recent Saturday Board Class – go forward and do great things at KFAI. Best wishes for your future …
– Instructors Pat Nelson and Mike Stapp

Medical Brigades in Honduras: International Health Service of MN

For over 30 years, volunteers for non-profit International Health Service of Minnesota have traveled to Honduras to bring medical and dental care to people in remote villages there. Each February, over 100 volunteers from several countries travel throughout Honduras in brigadas médicas, or medical brigades, bringing health care to people who do not have access to health care. Smaller teams also go in Ocotber.


We want to break down walls. Blow up niche marketing. We’ll begin with Grace Slick singing White Rabbit. We’ll alternate between musical selections and discussion by a female artist from Minnesota Opera. She’ll discuss a little history, technique and aesthetics.

Straight Up MAJENGA!

A unique blending and mixing of different genres. They flow together in a complimentary fashion, a funky thread of downbeat grooves.