September 2012 Wave Project Archives

Sports talk – predominantly NFL-centric show.
Hosted by Benjamin Witkins.

Men’s Health: prostate cancer – Heather Christie, RN, prostate program nurse at the Virgina Piper Cancer Institute and Dr. Stuart Bloom, oncologist at Minnesota Oncology, discuss diagnoses, treatment options and living with the disease.

Insights into Creativity – Acoustic singer/songwriter John Lampson leads this program focusing on creativity. John obsesses over making music and views songwriting as an art form, molded to express emotion and share personal perspectives. His live performances are augmented with stories about personal experiences and songwriting tips and methodologies, including how to use music as a therapeutic means of expression and release. John’s guests include curator, photographer and artist Heather Renne, multimedia artist Shanna Allyn, and clay artist Anjee Mai Emerson. Tune in for an hour of lively conversation and original music.

The Three Bettigs The making of a children’s book. Hosted by Annette Gagliavardi.

Pledge Drive Show.