October 2016 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground Archives

Wooden Overcoats – Episode 2: Flowers for Chapman

Wooden Overcoats – Episode 3: The LIttle Death

On Piffling Island in the channel there used to be only one funeral home.  Now, suddenly, there are two.  Rudyard Funn is doing increasingly bizarre and desparate things against "change" in his life.  His sister Antigone's weekly cinema trip is ruined by Rudyard's latest attempt to spite Eric Chapman.  Written by Tom Crowley, created by David K. Barnes. 

2000X – Short subjects

Wooden Overcoats, Episode 4 – Tempting Fete

Rudyard's village fete is coming along nicely, until a chance remark from Eric Chapman throws everything into turmoil.  Written by David K. Barnes.  Find out more at www.woodenovercoats.com.  Episode 4 of 8. 

Fears For Ears – The Vampires Next Door

Wooden Overcoats, Episode 5 – She Stoops To Conquer

Antigone's journey into the world of flirting and romance is hijacked by Rudyard, who needs her to seduce a rich and valuable client.  Written by T. A. Woodsmith. You can find the podcast wherever you subscribe to podcasts, or at woodenovercoats.com.

Little Evil Things – The Violin's Curse

Wooden Overcoats, Episode 6 – Georgina and the Waves

A drunken lighthouse keeper pits Rudyard and Eric Chapman against each other in the strangest contest of their lives.  Created and Written by David K. Barnes. 

The Wooden Overcoats series has eight episodes in the first season.  The second season has begun and can be found at woodenovercoats.com

Fears for Ears – The Rug