June 2016 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground Archives

Fourth Tower of Inverness

Episodes from the first Jack Flanders adventure, with Jack finding his way into the mysterious 4th tower.  Also includes short pieces from the Wurlitzer of Wisdom, with…well, wisdom from Baba Ram Dass.  Written by Meatball Fulton, music by Tim Clark.

Big Fun Radio Funtime!

The Fourth Tower of Inverness

Three more episodes of the first Jack Flanders series from ZBS.  The dreaded Demon Dwarves come out of a pie… and THEN it gets weird.  This series was partially funded in its original production by The Jefferson Airplane.  Written by Meatball Fulton.  And then every so often there is a coin slipped into the slot and Baba Ram Dass comes out with a pronouncement from the Wurlitzer of Wisdom. Very cool.  

The Fourth Tower of Inverness

Further episodes in the ongoing story of Jack Flanders and his ability to get into the invisible 4th Tower of the mansion owned by his family.  Tonight Jack gets into some very tough situations.  Written by Meatball Fulton, with music by Tim Clark.  From ZBS.org


The Fourth Tower of Inverness

Episodes from the first Jack Flanders serial from ZBS.  Jack ventures into the 4th Tower of the mansion, the one that isn't really there.  He's the 9th person who has gone into that tower.  The other eight never came back.  This week he goes into the center of the mountain, and finds the Land of the Lotus Jukebox.  There's a Dragon there, too.