February 2016 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground Archives

Hadron Gospel Hour, Episode 1 – Reluctant Hadronaut

Hadron Gospel Hour, Ep. 2 – Fright N Roll NightRock

Hadron Gospel Hour, Episode 3 – Pen Pals

When Oppenheimer’s pen pal Sla’arg comes to stay at the Hadron Bunker, Mike isn’t sure that hosting the former interdimensional ultracriminal is such a good idea. And when Mike learns more about the scope of Sla'arg’s crimes — and his interest in the Hadron Weapon — it’s a race against time to stop him from destroying the Lab… and what’s left of the multiverse!

Hadron Gospel Hour, Episode 4 – Parallel Pioneers

When the peace and quiet of the Hadron Lab is shattered by a group of disembodied Dungeons and Dragons players, Mike and Oppenheimer must roll for initiative and get to the bottom of this 20-sided dilemma!