December 2015 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground Archives

Press 3

A dialectically demonic dream of constant repetition, from Crazy Dog Audio Theatre.  Writer and producer, Roger Gregg, sends us this from Dublin, Ireland, originally broadcast on RTE, Irish National Radio.  A dark comedy in which a woman attempts to escape from a totalitarian society riddled with paranoia, color coded alerts, bureaucratic procedures and consumerist propaganda.

The Adventures of Luke Skywalker

Bus 13B To Hell

Vince Washburn, New Age Detective

Two episodes from the Personal Investigator's journal. 

Ep. 1: Penalty For Early Death.  Vince digs into a murder and burglary.  Among the missing loot is a mantra, an air guitar, and a past life.  Vince uses the most esoteric methods, including channeling, past life therapy, and hiding in closets. 

Ep. 2: If You've Got the Time.  Vince falls for a beautiful client, and looks for a missing angry researcher.  There's lots of electronics hardware involved.