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The Stealer of Souls

The Stealer of Souls, Git Along Little Soul

The final episode of this series about Prof. Burt Southworth, the only person who believes in the existence of the Stealer of Souls, who leaves his victims with a blank look, an obsession to watch Maury Povich, and a fear of grape jello.  He's in Houston this time, where he notices familiar behavior in a rodeo clown. 

Tales from the Museum

The Regional Museum in Johnson City, Tennessee has been the site of some strange goings-on ever since it was built.  Legends surround the place: tales of murders, mysterious disappearances, and bizarre religious orders. Most of the staff doesn't believe a word of it, but Special Services coordinator Keith Nash… well, he doesn't know what to think.

Tales from the Museum, from DarkerProjects.com

Stories of the haunted Regional Museum in Johnson City, TN.  We bring you 2 more episodes (of 13) from the series written by Charles Russell.

Ep. 12 – Beyond the Veil – business as usual at the Regional Museum.  The new head of marketing is driving everyone to distraction, and the levels of supernatural energy are slowly rising to critical levels in the Theater Annex.