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This is my Art Matters Finale! I am interviewed by my guests, former KFAI general managers and programmers, Janis Lane-Ewart and Denise Mayotte. After 20+ years on KFAI, I will be ending my weekly program. In the future, I will produce more arts and culture podcasts, and you can find my work at www.artmatters.media (under construction), follow me on Twitter: maryamorstad, or e-mail me at: mgmbitstream.net. Thanks for listening! ~Marya

During this edition of Marya Morstad's Art Matters, the Grammy award-winning Director of the Sounds of Blackness — Gary Dennis Hines — speaks with guest host Brenda Bell Brown about his inspiration — his mother, the late Doris Hines — and what she inspired in him.

Recording Credit:  David Cummings, Sound Edit:  Brenda Bell Brown


"re-centering the narratives of indigenous authors and authors of color." Guest host Brenda Belll Brown talks with publisher, poet and graphic designer Chaun Webster on Marya Morstad's 

Family as generator for creative-soul enterprise: guest host Brenda Bell Brown interviews 4 generations of Dacotah women —